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7. Gardiola’s Test


Pep Guardiola is under pressure at Bayern Munich and winning the Champions League is the only way to quell the growing discontent around the club at the former Barcelona coach’s methods.

Stepping into Jupp Heynckes shoes just after a near perfect season was never goint to be easy. With the resources they have, Bundes Liga title is not going to satisfy the fans and the managment.

Last season’s semi-final thrashing by Real Madrid left the Spaniard vulnerable and led to Franz Beckenbauer saying that things are not right at the club and that the limitations of Guardiola’s tactics had been exposed.

Few clubs have quite the number of high-profile and influential ex-players willing to speak quite so frankly in media as Bayern. If things don’t go well expect to hear a lot more from them as the season goes on.

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