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  1. Mercedes under fire:

Post race, Lewis Hamilton and  Nico Rosberg were investigated by the stewards following a 0.3PSI pressure less than the minimum set by Pirelli. After summoning representatives from both the drivers, a final decision was pending by the FIA which decided to let Hamilton take the victory and with that 25 crucial championship points.

Italian Grand Prix
Charged up Hamilton, atop the podium Courtesy: espnf1

A lot of questions will be raised for Mercedes. They decided to ask Hamilton to push in the end and increase his lap times without informing him about why it was necessary.

“Stewards determine that the pressures were at the minimum start pressure recommended by Pirelli when they were fitted to the car,” said the Stewards.

“Tyre warming blankets had been disconnected from their power source as is normal procedures and the tyres were significantly below the maximum permitted tyre blanket temperature at the time of the FIA measurement on the grid and significantly different temperatures from other cars measured on the grid.

“The stewards decide to take no further action.

“Nevertheless the stewards recommend the tyre manufacturer and the FIA hold further meetings to provide clear guidance to the teams on measurements.”

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