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  1. Kimi stalls as Vettel shines


It was Kimi Raikkonen’s first front row start in ages, and it couldn’t have gone more wrong. He completely stalled and his car was immobile while others zoomed past him. By the first corner, he was amongst the bottom four drivers.

Despite this, his confidence was upbeat and like a charging lion, he moved his way up the field. He truly drove like Nigel Mansell today who was famous for such capabilities to move up the field. Sebastian Vettel on the other was clean as a whistle. He had a normal start and maintained his pace and his position well enough.

He never really could challenge Hamilton, who finished 25s ahead of him. While Ferrari sure did show signs of immense pace, they simply lacked that extra few bits that they showcased during the Qualifying.

They still have a few engine tokens left and seven races to go. The upgraded power unit that they brought to Monza, sure did help them on Saturday, if only they can somehow use the extra pace to run the race distance as well.

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