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  1. Someone get Williams a race strategist

    Italian Grand Prix

They messed it up in the British Grand Prix after failing to react to Mercedes’ strategies and losing their shot at the victory. They messed it up again in Spa when they messed up the tyre compounds for Valtteri Bottas. And it would have been termed as a mess up again, if not for Nico Rosberg’s retirement.

After the start where Rosberg messed up, Felipe Massa was third and Valtteri Bottas fourth. Nico Rosberg was stuck behind them and seeing the opportunity, decided to under-cut the two Williams. The Williams responded by getting Felipe Massa in the pits, but the slow thinking coupled by a relatively slow pit stop meant Nico Rosberg got the better of him.

Same was with Valtteri Bottas who ended up fifth after the first round of pit stops.

Their car is fantastic, and so are their drivers. Felipe Massa said in the pit radio after the end of the race, “I’m too old for that, too old,” laughingly to which the Williams team responded, “We’re just starting out mate,”

Both Massa and Bottas were involved in a frantic battle till the very last corner for the final podium position, which can be termed as the battle of the race!

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