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While the tennis world is for all the excitement and the adrenaline rushes, we take you all to the lighter side of this beautiful game.

Any sport wouldn’t be half as interesting to watch if there wasn’t a bit of off-court entertainment to add to the on-court magic. Tennis is no different. Tennis players have always been known to show their lighter and fun side during press conferences, interviews and the like. Some players become an instant hit with fans because of their sense of humour off the court. Here we’ve complied a list of some of the most memorable of these moments. Here’s our Top 12 Hilarious Tennis Quotes.

12. Andre Agassi embarrassed by Andy Roddick

Andre Agassi: Let’s see what you’ve got, big boy.
Andy Roddick: Hair.

Andy Roddick is a wild character, both on and off the court. His career has been full of funny and memorable quotes, but we’ve picked out one of the best – A young Andy Roddick cleverly replies to taunt by fellow American Andre Agassi, whose trademark was his shining bald head.

roddick agassi

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