Luis Suarez, what a guy! He’s almost the perfect example of the kind of player that would be adored by his own team mates and fans, yet be as fiercely loathed and ridiculed by everyone else. He’s almost like what Harbhajan Singh is, or was, to India. The members of the dressing room, even Sreesanth, would sing praises of how he lives up to the inherent belief that you have of him being a jovial and fun-loving guy. Opposition members, most famously Matty Hayden, on the other hand, would go as far as to call him “an obnoxious weed”.

“My blood tastes the sweetest!”

Suarez would probably grow old to tell a similar tale to one of his grandchildren, while also talking about how he wished his teeth were as sharp as that of a piranhas.

He’s been a volatile character ever since his early days in Ajax. However, it’s started to really harm the honour of his club in recent years. It alienated Liverpool from the footballing community when they defended the alleged racism charge he faced with respect to the twinkle-eyed Evra, and his recent mouth-watering encounter with Ivanovic is doing absolutely no good to the club either.

The guy has talent, no sane person is going to deny that. But his talent comes at a cost, not only to prospective buyers, but also to the reputation of everyone currently linked with him as well, especially Liverpool.

The mere fact as to why Arsenal have gone as far as £40 million in their pursuit for the youngest known vampire to mankind is contemplate-able in itself. That, however, is probably down to the sheer quality he brings to the field coupled with the obvious need for a major goal-scoring threat since the departure of the biggest traitor known to the Emirates faithful in recent times. Plus, Wenger probably thinks he’s got some magical powers and will calm the man down. Ha!

Liverpool have stagnated over the years, and even though the second half of last season was promising on many counts, the arrival of Daniel Sturridge proving to be prudent piece of business, the team seems too reliant on the Uruguayan monster.

The Merseyside club need not look any further than Arsenal to fully understand what I’m saying. A couple of seasons ago, Arsenal somehow clawed their way to a Champions League spot, primarily due to Robin van Persie. But it made their attack and style of play far too obvious. It would soon have become easy for opponents to keep him in check, and without another outlet, goals would be few and far between.

By selling him, Arsenal were able to get much more balance to their game, with increased diversity in attack in the form of Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud. While Arsenal didn’t do any better on their overall standing, they have laid the foundation for a serious title push in the coming seasons.

Liverpool could almost certainly spend the money they receive from the Suarez transfer in a way that would benefit the team. While Kenny Dalglish went completely bonkers when he got a transfer war chest, paying astronomical figures for people like Stewart Downing, I know for a fact that Brendan Rodgers will do a much better job. Just look at the quality he has already brought in. On a limited balance, other than Sturridge, he has procured Coutinho, who would most definitely go on to torment defences this season. He’s also got Borini, who will come good this season. Mark my words!

"Time to hunt in London!"
“Time to hunt in London!”

What he does need, though, is a robust presence in midfield. With Gerrard on the wrong side of thirty, he needs to reinforce the midfield with more than just one player.

£40 million is a lot of money if it is used smartly, and Liverpool would do well to get rid of their liability and enhance the prospects of the team as a whole, thereby paving the way to Champions League football for players that are actually willing to slog their asses off for their team.

A club with such a proud tradition needs to get rid of this rodent. London sells better cheddar anyway, doesn’t it?



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