Cristiano Ronaldo is the latest superstar footballer to be accused of tax fraud. There have been other high profile footballers that have also been taken to court over tax issues. The list includes the Barcelona football maestro Lionel Messi.

The interesting thing about all these case is that these guys have accountants on retainer whom they pay obscene amounts of money to make sure their money is making sense. It does not make sense that someone who is paid that kind of money fails to notice that they are breaking the law. This naturally leads to minds suspecting some sort foul play.

At the moment the media is in frenzy because Cristiano is clearly upset with being asked to answer the tax fraud charges. The player is threatening to move from Madrid. Such a move would save the player lots of money. But how much money is worth playing for the Champion’s League winning team. Money comes in both ways in the form of product placements and sports betting (visit yebo casino for sports betting and casino information).

Pic credits – 90Min

There are even reports that legendary football cum coach Zinedine Zidane is begging for the player to stay at the club. As much as this could be true, rather the player should be the one asking to play under the great player now coach.

It is this kind of star treatment that causes the players to commit the crimes in the first place. Because they are privileged they think they can get away with breaking the law. However over and over again the authorities have shown that no one is above the law.

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