Houston Rockets polished a noteworthy win against the Los Angeles Lakers with a scintillating score of 108-90. The game was scheduled at the Staple Center, Los Angeles on the 28th of October. With Julius Randle’s injury which one could call a blessing in disguise for the Rockets actually fueled them up to grab the season opening win. Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin were expected to make a leading duo for the season’s opener but discursively couldn’t deliver according to the predictions. Randle’s right leg injury in the fourth quarter was a major pull down for the Lakers as they were expecting a lot from the 19th year old power forward.

There were a few shots which were worth a recap, the most far-reaching of them being Trevor Ariza’s 25 foot three point jumper and James Harden’s 26 foot three point jumper.  Ex teammates Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant got into a particularly inconsequential brawl in the concluding minutes of the game which therefore resulted in both of them being inclined with a technical foul. James Harden turned out to be the top shooting guard as he scored a total of 32 points. He has been witnessed to be phenomenal at the free throw line. A lot of Lakers’ fans have believed that Bryant is very soon going to brick the Lakers into a lottery pick if his dis-satisfactory performance continues.

The  LA Lakers would have looked a lot more prudent on the court- if this wouldn’t have been Bryant’s come back game, if Randle wasn’t benched off with an injury, if they hadn’t given away the ball one of the few times they actually had possession because to their narrow lapses and if they had played more conjointly as a team waving their flag over, thus proving all those contravening onlookers wrong, than as individuals.

I do not see why a team as established and prized as the Los Angeles Lakers should falter in their upcoming games if they manage to get the above IF’s right. But as of  now the Houston Rockets have definitely secured a point in their tank.


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