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Group B: PSV Eindhoven, Manchester United F.C., PFC CSKA Moscow, VfL Wolfsburg

An interesting group. The winner of group B will be Manchester United, but they will be in for a rough ride. Their opponents are all strong at their home grounds. The battle for the remaining spots will be tight but Wolfsburg (if they can keep hold of de Bruyne) are going to edge Eindhoven. CSKA Moscow can compete but would be ousted by Eindhoven, Wolfsbug and United.

Interesting ties will be Wolfsburg and Eindhoven both hosting United as it’s the return of Memphis Depay.

Rooney in a leading role.
Final Prediction:
Manchester United (14 points) Win 4, Drawn 2
Wolfsburg (10 points) Win 3, Draw 1, Lose 2
Eindhoven (8 points) Win 2, Draw 2, Lose 2
CSKA Moscow (1 Point) Draw 1, Lose 5

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