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Group D: Juventus, Manchester City F.C., Sevilla FC, Borussia Mönchengladbach

This would be the group of Death. Last season’s finalist, Europa League winners, the new English Powerhouse and Champions League debutants (so cannot really tell if they will cause an upset). While on paper it looks like Juventus and Manchester City will make it easily, Sevilla are more than capable of causing upsets to the European elite.

The clash between Juventus and City will be interesting as well as Sevilla against City, as it will see Navas go up against his former club. City and Juventus should mostly cancel each other out but Sevilla can easily take points against other teams as well. Mönchengladbach would mostly be unable to get points.

Juventus are in for a challenging campaign given their squad overhaul
Final Prediction:
Juventus (14 points) : Win 4, Draw 2
Manchester City (13 points): Win 4, Draw 1, Lose 1
Sevilla: (5 points) Win 2, Draw 1 Lose 3
Mönchengladbach (0 points) Lose 6

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