With merely 27 games in the 2014-2015 season, Kevin Durant has managed to come back with a great episteme. “ I feel like I’m the best player in the world”, said Durant when asked about his comeback practice sessions with team USA.  A lot many commentators called him arrogant for making this statement, but as the saying goes, ‘to be strongest wolf in the pack you’ve got to first believe that you are the Alfa of the pack.’

“I’ve got to play against the guys to really see, but I feel like I’m back to myself,” Durant said after the first day of training at this USA Basketball minicamp.

Asked if he could play in a game if needed, Durant laughed and said, “I haven’t played since February, so of course, I’m human, I’d go through some rust. But I think after two trips down I’d be all right.”

Be that as it may, for this Oklahoma City star who has spent the previous year getting back into form succeeding his abhorrent foot injury, Durant said it was similar to “Christmas” to be back on the court taking rebounds, making free throws, the rigorous stamina building work outs which rather are a challenge after the long gap again with the best players in the diversion.

Like Russell, Steph Curry and Anthony Davis, Durant too will really have to walk the extra mile in order to step it up and get back to his previous game. But his decisive and vibrant attitude really is something that deserves appreciation, after all not everyone can remain this positive after a devastating injury.

In case you’re an Oklahoma City fans, you need Durant showcasing such confidence posing remarks like these. You need him certain, and hungry to recover the commendation he all around attracted in 2014. A year ago’s damage recovery must be cleansed, this season like never before.

Edited by Aashna Bakshi


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