Top 10 Stunning F1 Livery Designs


A livery can help a team stand out very well (even if their performances don’t), from the usual array of dull and boring colours all around. Ranging from the Ferrari Red over the years to Jordan’s variations like the 7UP design or the Bitten Hiss, Formula One has seen many, some crazy yet incredibly livery designs over the past. Essentially Sports brings to you 10 of the finest F1 livery designs:

Best F1 livery designs

Lotus John Player Special


Before Colin Chapman’s vision(that almost anything that could be sold could adorn a Formula 1 car), liveries were quite common, and unimpressive. Far were the times in which every country should have a racing color(the British Racing Green, as an example), but without big sponsors, teams tended to be conservative on their choices. So came Gold Leaf and later, the John Player Special – tobacco industry was the first that came in force. The combination of black and gold made for an unforgettable livery, made even more popular by those who drove for Lotus at the time. Emerson Fittipaldi and his 72 model came to stardom in 1972, and later came in Mario Andretti, Ronnie Peterson – then an interlude and the returning in the eighties, with Ayrton Senna(it is almost impossible to not remember his first win, in Portugal 1985).


Senna driving the Lotus

Sadly a market decision determined that the brand should change, and although the strong yellow brought with Camel proved popular, it was no match to the one that preceded it. It caused such an impact that when Lotus returned in its new guise, in 2010, black and gold were again the chosen colors, to make a plaused tribute – and it was emotional and nice to see it again on the top spot of the podium with Kimi Räikkönen at Abu Dhabi in 2011.


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