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The 10 most villainous players in football

The 10 most villainous players in football

1) Diego Costa

Diego Costa

Diego Costa’s superb performances with Atletico Madrid helped him in his move to Chelsea, as he helped the Spanish side to the La Liga title in 2013-14. Costa has been successful at Chelsea in his first season, as he won the league title as well as the Capital One Cup. But the Spanish international is one of the most controversial strikers currently. Costa is always ready to pick up a fight with anyone on the pitch for the slightest of matters. Be it stomping on the opponent player’s ankles or diving, Costa has been a very aggressive player from the starting of this career. But his recent fight with Arsenal defender Gabriel has made him the one of the most hated players in world football. He also ditched his home nation Brazil in favor of playing for his adopted home Spain, which earned him some slack in the World Cup, being held in Brazil.

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