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The 10 most villainous players in football

The 10 most villainous players in football

5) Pepe


The Real Madrid defender is known for his harsh tackles and his off-the-ball tussling with the opposition players. Pepe is undoubtedly one of the finest centre-backs in world football, and has got a lot of experience too. But the ill-tempered Portuguese has been a part of many incidents which have resulted inearly baths. Not only the rough sliding tackles, Pepe is known to attack players when the referee is not looking in his direction. He once stomped on the hand of Lionel Messi after the Argentina man was fouled. Many times his actions have been the reason for his team’s demise, as in the case of Portugal’s early exit in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Portugal were thrashed 4-0 by Germany in the group stages, when Pepe was sent off for head butting Thomas Muller. As a result, they were eliminated on inferior goal difference to USA.

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