After a little over 3 and a half months of no racing, it’s time for the 2016 F1 season to start. The Australian Grand prix of 2016 marks the start of the longest F1 season, with 20 race weekends to follow. This season looks to be more competitive from last year, with Ferrari having seemingly bridged the gap further and other teams having picked up the pace. This season also would put an emphasis on strategy, with 3 tyre compounds available per race.

Here’s What to look forward to as the Formula One season kicks off at Melbourne

1. Ferrari can finally challenge

Last season, Ferrari were the closest to the ever dominant Mercedes F1. In the 3 races won by them, Mercedes were well and truly beaten. If pre-season testing results are to be judged by, the gap has been bridged further with Ferrari running well over 4000 kms (although that’s approximately 2/3rd of Mercedes) and topping the time sheets on 5 of the 8 days.

The SF16-H is to be the main contender to the Silver Arrows's F1 W07
The SF16-H is to be the main contender to the Silver Arrows’s F1 W07

Vettel, who was able to occasionally challenge the Silver Arrows, could now be fighting with them right from the start. Even Kimi, who was well off the pace of his teammate can give a better challenge. If Mercedes have lost the edge, it will be good to see a two-team race for the title and not a one team race.


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