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Twitter reacts to Kobe Bryant’s final NBA game

Twitter reacts to Kobe Bryant’s final NBA game

Kobe Bryant said goodbye to the NBA on Wednesday night in the most heroic way possible, scoring 60 points in his final game against the Utah Jazz. The Los Angeles Lakers’ emerged victorious winning the game 101-96. The night was a tribute to the Lakers star who retired  after 20 seasons, five championship rings and 18 All-Star selections with the Lakers. Bryant is just the fifth player in NBA history to play 20 seasons, and the first with just one team. He also secured easily the highest point total any NBA player has scored during their final game.  At the end of the game, in his farewell speech, there was really only one thing left for Bryant to say.

“What can I say? Mamba out.”

Fans and people from the sports world took to twitter, tweeting with #ThankyouKobe #MambaDay :






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