Ex-Wimbledon Champion Marion Bartoli battles “mysterious disease”

July 8, 2016 1:12 pm
Bartoli capturing her maiden Wimbledon title in 2013.


“This is not life. I am just surviving.”- Marion Bartoli 

Marion Bartoli, the former Wimbledon champion from 2013, was recently invited to play an exhibition match at The Championships. Hoping to return to The Championships after a 3-year gap, the 31-year old French seemed jubilant enough to accept the offer, despite losing 20 KGs due to a “mysterious disease” in less than 4 months.

A disease so incredibly rare that even medical practitioners don’t have a name for it, has forced Marion to now refuse the prospect of playing any more Tennis. The once chubby and well built player who’s style of play were powerful backhands has now been reduced to a sorry figure. A disease so horrendous that demands her to wear gloves while using cell phones, limited jewelry and tissue applications owing to allergic reactions, has forced her to consult with a varied team of doctors, who have asked her to go into ‘special-treatment’, starting next week. Williams, playing her Finals at Wimbledon this Saturday paid tribute to the former Champion and notably said “I was really proud to hear she did say something, I really admire anyone who is courageous like that.”

Bartoli, who’s presently unable to even eat leafy vegetables including vegetable skin and coming in contact with tap water, is resilient and optimistic. In a time of such severe adversities and need, it’s remarkable to note how Bartoli has gained strength from her Wimbledon win. In order to combine our efforts by showing solidarity towards a member of our fraternity, we at Essentially Sports wish her all the best to carry on with her treatment and hope for her speedy recovery.




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