IPL teams
Picture Source: iplschedule2017.org.in

With every edition, the IPL jersey changes due to certain obvious reasons like the sponsors and a belief to perform better. They say that looks matter and your looks define your personality. There have been many instances when we have been fascinated by our favourite team’s jersey whether it be FC Barcelona or Team India or an IPL team. The teams look for changes in the jersey and come up with a better combination in the subsequent edition of the famous cash rich IPL. Here is the look of the team jerseys for the 10th edition of IPL.

Mumbai Indians

Starting low and finishing high has been a trend for the so called “men in blue” . With a few minor changes in the golden lining , the MI’s jersey has such a look like the image below.


mumbai indians
The new look for the Mumbai Indians’ IPL  jersey.
picture source: totalsportek.com


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