Umar Akmal, Junaid Khan Reprimanded For Misconduct During The Pakistan Cup

May 18, 2017 5:37 pm
(Source: Zee News)

What Happened

The Pakistan Cup a domestic competition held in Pakistan, last month saw Punjab teammates Junaid Khan and Umar Akmal getting involved in a verbal spat on the sidelines of a game against Sindh.

The controversy erupted when the Punjab province captain Umar Akmal reacted strongly to Junaid’s absence from the team during the toss. Khan had suffered from food poisoning and was advised to rest, by the team doctor.

When asked for Punjab’s team for the match Akmal stated that all-rounder Nasir Nazir would be playing in place of Khan, who failed to turn up. He also went onto express his sentiment about the fast bowlers absence.

“I just found out when I walked into the ground that he (Junaid Khan) is absent. I’m very surprised. The manager and coach told me he’s not going to be playing today. It’s a shocking news for me, as captain,”  Akmal had said on national TV during the toss, making his displeasure to Khan’s absence very evident.

A few minutes later Junaid uploaded a video of himself on his social media account. Speaking from his hotel room Junaid said that he was both shocked and saddened by Akmal’s statement.

Here is the video;

In the above video, Junaid says; “I am disappointed to hear what Akmal has said about me. He tried to give the impression that I ran away from the match. In fact, I am dealing with food poisoning and I have duly informed the team management about this. The team doctor has advised me rest,”

What Followed?

Following this PCB had set up a three-member committee to look into the matter. The committee was headed by General Manager of Domestic Cricket Operations Shafiq Ahmed. The coach and manager of Punjab were the other two members.

The PCB imposed a fine of 50-percent of the match fee on the duo and the two have been put under observation for a month starting from 18th May, PCB also warned the two players, who are a part of Pakistan’s Champions Trophy squad that a repeat offense would result in a one month suspension.

The PCB released a statement which read;

“The Pakistan Cricket Board has imposed a fine, i.e. fifty percent of the match fee, to Umar Akmal and Junaid Khan for their misconduct at the Pakistan Cup 2017 held last month in Rawalpindi. The Board has also warned the two players that they will be under observation for a month starting 18th May and re-occurrence of breach of discipline will lead to one-month suspension,”

A clear case of miscommunication has put the duo in trouble. Caution would be maintained as and when Pakistan begin their preparatory camp for the Champions Trophy.

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