10. J.J. Reddick – LAC (SG)
15.0 ppg, 2.2 rpg, 1.4 apg

We talked about the trio of Paul-Griffin and Jordan at LAC. However, people forget that Reddick was an important cog for a Clippers team that always fancied itself.  Since moving to LAC, Reddick has been a reliable 3-point shooter and scorer, averaging nearly 16 point a game during his 3 and a half seasons with them. Many teams would be interested in a good and reliable 3-point shooting guard

Though with the free agency of Griffin, and possible trade of Jordan, Reddick might be on the move to new pastures as it looks like LAC are entering a full rebuild mode after trading Paul. His salary cap space is not large either.

9. Pau Gasol – SAS (C) (Player Option)
12.4 ppg, 7.8 rpg, 2.3 apg

When his career finishes, Pau Gasol would be remembered as one of the greatest foreign players in the NBA. This future hall of famer is now with the Spurs, trying to win a 3rd championship ring. Despite seeing limited minutes, and his production slowly dwindling, the Spanish centre has changed his game. Centres are not known to have 3-point range. Gasol has added that to his arsenal this year. To put it into context, he hit 74 of 249 3-point attempts from 2002-16. In this season with San Antonio, he hit 56 of 104, showing his adaptation to a now faster league. He still remains a reliable scorer and still makes his presence felt on the boards.

He has opted out of his contract, and is likely to be tied down for several years with the Spurs, who are in the midst of clearing cap space. Gasol is reported to be willing to take a salary cut, to help San Antonio win their first title without Duncan.

8. Jeff Teague – IND (PG)
15.3 ppg, 4.0 rpg, 7.8 apg

From a personal stand point, Teague’s first season at Indiana would be a success. He had high scoring and helped in ball handling, making the pacers faster.  Despite being swept in the playoffs, they still were the only Eastern conference team to make the Cavs sweat throughout the playoffs.  He has also been a decent shooter and does not take up a high volume of shots (11.1 attempts a game).

He will likely to be earning more than $10 million next season as he earned a pay rise for sure. However his destination remains uncertain. Indiana would have looked like the best fit, but with George declaring he would be leaving (so as to give the team an opportunity to trade him and get back assets), it would depend on the direction and players bought in under the new management. Teams that want to bring in a faster paced offence, like Chicago and Minnesota, could be tempted to sign him as well.

7.  Andre Iguodala – GSW (SF)
7.6 ppg, 4.0 rpg, 3.4 apg

Warriors are headlined by their 4 all-stars. He has been a key component for the Warriors under Kerr. Having accepted a bench role, he is the leader of their second unit, and one of the best defenders. He was the 2015 NBA finals MVP for a reason. When he is on the court, he makes it count, as he tends to have the highest plus-minus score. While not an offensive threat, he can make in solid all-round contributions from the bench. What the Warriors use him for, is his defensive and leadership skills.

Unlike the main free agents of the Warriors, Iguodala has said he would be considering offers. His skills on both ends mean teams would be willing to pay him $16-$20 million, while the Warriors might require him to take a pay cut again, to help in the cap space. He is not reportedly keen on that. Unless a contending team comes along, he might be more tempted to take a pay cut and win a few more rings, or head out for a new challenge

6. Jrue Holiday – NOP (PG)
15.4 ppg, 3.9 rbg, 7.3 apg

This was Jrue Holiday’s best season as a Pelican and very nearly to his All-Star season back in 2012-13 with Philadelphia.  After missing the start of the season due to injury and struggling early as he eased his way back into the team, Holiday was a valuable asset for the Pelicans. He has been a decent shooter and handler, which is what suits this team, who have two big scorers in Cousins and Davis. They need an elite ball handler to help utilise their devastating front court. Holiday has done a good job with this so far.

As a player, his cap space is not that high which would be good for New Orleans who have 2 huge contracts for Cousins and Davis. However, unless they can get a better Point Guard than Holiday, it would be better for them to offer him a new one with the team as they try to assert themselves. Holiday is also reportedly generating interest with the Dallas Mavericks, who declined Dirk Nowitzki’s $25 million team option to re-sign him on a lower deal that might free up a hefty chunk of cap space.


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