Thinking that riding comes naturally to you? You are like most people who think bringing fitness equipment on rent such as an exercise bike to your home is easy stuff to start with. But it’s not always the case. It’s not just a simple pedaling activity as you might perceive it to be. It’s a way more complicated and chances are that you probably end up making mistakes.

But these exercise bike mistakes often turn ugly as they lead to injuries. Therefore, it’s always better to avoid them in the first place and here are the exercise bike mistakes you should avoid:

Mistake 1: Improperly Adjusted Bike Seat

Improperly adjusted bike seat brings more nuisance to your life. It not only negates the effects of exercise but also increases the risk of injuries. Riding a bike that’s seat is too low puts unnecessary strain on your back. So make sure to check if the seat is adjusted to your height so that your legs could comfortably reach the paddles without struggles.

Mistake 2: Wrong Breathing Pattern

The breathing patterns should be right when you ride your bike. But often people ignore it and that’s a mistake you might like to fix. Proper breathing in and breathing out ensures that your lungs don’t get overstrained. But the same breathing pattern doesn’t work for all exercises. For low-intensity workouts on exercise bikes, breathing through your nose works pretty well but for high-intensity workouts, breathing through your mouth is the right practice that you might like to keep in your notes.

Mistake 3: Poor Riding Posture

The poor riding posture is often the mistake people regret later. It exerts a lot of unnecessary pressure on your spinal cord resulting in injuries. Keep your posture right when you ride an exercise bike. Bend your knees slightly and let your hands rest on handlebars to maintain the proper posture and experience the benefits of exercising on bikes.

Mistake 4: Leaning on the Handlebar

The major mistake that most exercise bikers tend to repeat is leaning over the handlebar. Leaning on the handles during bike riding results in symptoms such as tingling, cramping and clumsiness. This unhealthy habit could lead to severe conditions as well that restricts your wrist movements. Leaning on handlebars isn’t considered safe so you might like to avoid this practice.

Mistake 5: Not Enough Hydration

You need enough fluid to keep you hydrated during rides on exercise bikes. Due to sweating during workouts, a lot of water from our body tends to lose that you immediately need to fill. Having a sip or two after a few minutes makes up the fluid losses during workouts and keeps you hydrated to help you perform to optimal levels.

The Key Takeaway

Before you hop on to your exercise bike on rent, ensure that you aren’t making any mistake unknowingly. It could be an unadjusted bike seat, uneven body posture, wrong breathing pattern or anything that negates the benefits of the exercise. Riding on an exercise bike only yields great results when you do it in the right way. So make sure you don’t make any mistake during exercise bike workout sessions.