7. 1980 

Several factor came into play for McLaren, the merger with the Ron Dennis Project Four team, John Barnard emerging as a top-class designer and the carbon fibre monocoque were all just around the corner. But for 1980 season, it was all about trying to do the best with few resources with the ill-conceived M29B and C versions. The cars couldn’t match the ground effect of their rivals. Gordon Coppuck still developed an M30. Promising French youngster Alain Prost tried and tested it thoroughly. He scored points four times during the season. John Watson was the leading driver, but could do only a bit better than Prost, scoring only one more point that his younger teammate. Spending money to try and save an already complicated season was the wrong thing to do, so it was a question of enduring difficult times, as the ninth place on the Constructors table reflected. Things would certainly get better from then on.


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