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700 International Wickets Club

700 International Wickets Club

4. Glenn McGrath

With a tally of 944 wickets on No 4 is Australia Glenn Mcgrath. He has the most no of wickets in his kitty for a fast bowler. McGrath was never an express bowler. Rather, he relied on his accuracy, swing and seam movement which he got due to due to his high wrist action with the help of his height and a high arm action, he was able to extract extra bounce from most pitches often surprising batsmen. He represented Australia for 16 years which for a pacer is a very long time. Also known as the pigeon he tended to engage in sledging with opposition batsmen and targeted the opposition’s leading batsmen,thus distracting him. He was inducted in the ICC hall of fame in 2012. He also has the most no of runs(603) in tests for a no 11 batsmen and was the man of the series in the 2007 edition of the world cup and has the maximum no of wickets in world cup games- 71 wickets of 39 games.

Glenn Mcgrath
Glenn McGrath of Australia takes the wicket of Mervyn Dillon of the West Indies in the World Cup Group B game at Old Trafford in Manchester, England. Australia won by 6 wickets to go through to the Super Sixes. Mandatory Credit: Graham Chadwick /Allsport
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