2. Stefan Edberg (Tennis )

Stefan Edberg
Stefan Edberg – The Gentleman Champion

Stefan Edberg  was a Swedish professional tennis player and a former World no. 1 . He has been the coach of Roger Federer since the start of January 2014 . Edberg is noted as the finest serve-and-volley player of his era and arguably the greatest of all-time.

Edberg won six Grand Slam singles titles and  three Grand Slam men’s doubles titles between 1985 and 1996. Edberg  was ranked in the singles top 10 for ten successive years.

Sure, he’s a legend. But what makes him special?

In a time when tantrums and dissent from players prevailed in tennis, Stefan Edberg was simply classy. However wrong the umpire’s call, Edberg maintained his calmness. While other legends like John McEnroe were known for their on-court outbursts and temper tantrums, Edberg was a true gentleman, which got him a nickname of ‘The Gentleman Champion’.

“I’m such a big Eddy fan.  He’s been the classiest, most elegant No. 1 that men’s tennis has had.  He leads a very balanced life.  He understands fame, fortune and celebrity better than just about any superstar I’ve ever met.” – Tennis commentator Mary Carillo


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