4. Jenson Button (Formula One)

Jenson Button

⁠⁠⁠Jenson button, to any Indian Formula One fan must be F1’s Rahul Dravid. Much like the legendary ‘Wall’, Button has stayed in the sport like a dark horse beating the odds to his glory.

People won’t count him as a legendary driver, but he has beaten two world champions: Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. Remaining absolutely controversy-free through the length of his career, his driving as described by many as text book perfect with brilliant defensive skills (much like Dravid).

Button’s ability to never give up was seen during the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix which many critics dub as one of the finest races and drives of the modern F1 era.

Jenson Button through the years has been an ever smiling, an ever inspiring driver. He along with ‘Nando’ Alonso, have kept things positive inside the McLaren camp, despite the horrible season of 2015.

His Dravid-esque nature of never giving up, keeping a positive outlook in the worst of situations, despite having gone through years of immense struggle, makes him one of the popular drivers on the grid.

His fan or not, there can be no haters of the 2009 World Champion!


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