7 Amazing Tips For Starting Your Own Chess Club


Chess is an amazing sport. It attracts people of all ages – from young kids to old folks, everyone loves playing it. You can see groups around parks viewing a chess game. While it does spark a lot of interest, chess is also a really complex sport and it takes time to learn how to play it. But there is no better way to learn than by practicing.

Many people who love chess wish that they had a group to share their passion with. Maybe you thought about starting a chess club – that’s amazing! However, you have no idea what goes into the making of a chess club. Fortunately, we are here with some quick tips that will lead you straight to the group’s first tournament.

Think about what you’ll need


First of all, create a list of things that you’ll need. Naturally, you’ll need a few chessboards and a few timers. While these may not be that expensive, if you have no initial budget, you might want to let the future attendees know that they should bring their own chessboards and timers because the club is only starting out. In case you do have a small budget, look for your equipment on flea markets or second hand online stores. You will probably get cheaper equipment of good quality.

Later on, you can purchase new chess sets if you want to, even themed or styled ones if that’s what your group likes.

“Next, you should consider where you’ll meet with your chess club. Do you own a space you could use. If not, consider some of the public places that you could use. For example, you could meet at a coffee shop, but you should make sure that you ask the owner for permission. Most of the time they allow it because they like the traffic and your coffee shop owner might like chess too”, – explains Barbara Kelly, a Marketing manager at Academized and Study demic.

Find a few other people who like chess

Before you start actively advertising your chess club, think of a few people who could become the first members and help you with advertising, finding space and equipment and so on. If you love chess, some of your friends probably do too, so you should use it as an advantage and start your chess club with your friends. You’ll feel much more confident this way and everything g will be much more interesting.

Set some general rules for meetings

Once you find a few first club members, you should discuss some ground rules with them. Of course, no cheating is a given as the club should be fair and everyone should play fair. There could be some other rules or directions that you might want to set. For example, you could set the time of the meetings and the number of weekly meetings that will take place. Create a schedule that will work for you since it is your club but you should also consider others in this case and try to come up with the best solutions for everyone. Later on, you can adjust this schedule as you go since there will be more and more people in the group.

You can also discuss the future potential of the group, create a plan for advertising and so on.

Promote your chess club

One of the best ways to get people to join your club is to let them know it exists through social media advertising. This is the simplest and the cheapest way because you are mainly advertising to your local community and you could post advertisements on some groups with  your friends and neighbors as members in them.

For starters, you should create compelling content for your ads. Next, think about grammar and spelling because these things get to bother people if they are poorly written.

Here are some tools that can help you:

  • Stateofwriting and Viawriting – This is a social media copywriting tool which can guide you through the writing of your ad and help you make a lot of impact.
  • Ukwritings – This is an online editing and proofreading tool that was mentioned by Uktopwriters. It’s simple and it leaves no mistakes behind.
  • Academ advisor – If you want to make a lot of impact, you may want to use some catchy words and titles. This tool can help you with that.
  • Essayroo and Boomessays – These are formatting and grammar tools which can turn your text into a visual skimmable masterpiece.

Don’t get discouraged

No matter how slow your numbers are growing, always keep going. Even with a few club members, you can have fun, attend tournaments and do what you want to do – play chess.

Visit tournaments

Never miss a chance to visit a tournament with your team members. You will have fun, meet some new, like-minded people and who knows – you might even win some awards.

Alternative ways to advertise your club

An alternative to social media is sort of a live advertising. You and your teammates go into a park or similar public place and start playing. Once people start coming to look or asking to play, you introduce them to your club and ask them if they want to join.

Now You Have Your Own Chess Club!

Starting a chess club isn’t easy but the game is fun and people love it. Hopefully, some of these tips will help you in starting your very own chess club.


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