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Amidst Pressure From Players, Justin Gimelstob Steps Down From ATP Board

Amidst Pressure From Players, Justin Gimelstob Steps Down From ATP Board

Stan Wawrinka

The recent quarrel in the ATP board which refers to the sentencing of the ATP’s player representative, Justin Gimelstob for the act which he had committed in the past. Stan Wawrinka voiced out regarding this issue and called it “a shameful period in our great sport.” Also, Andy Murray spoke out publicly for the same. Justin Gimelstob’s trial took place last year in the month of October for assaulting the venture capitalist, Randall Kaplan.

The former American player, Justin Gimelstob has now stepped down from his post on the ATP board of directors. The election has been scheduled on 14th May in Rome, but however, Justin Gimelstob withdrew his candidacy.

“I’m stepping down because my job is to work on the sport’s behalf and the players’ behalf, and in my situation, I’ve become too much of a distraction and a liability,”  Justin Gimelstob said. “I take responsibility for that, and I take responsibility for the mistakes I made Halloween night.”

Justin Gimelstob
Justin Gimelstob

“I have always taken responsibility for my role in the events that evening and will continue to do so. While I can, have, and will continue to dispute the way that evening has been depicted, the material matter is that my judgment that evening compromised the sport and the people that entrusted me with the authority to represent them.”

Yesterday, Justin Gimelstob flew to Spain to meet the president of ATP Player Council, Novak Djokovic to meet in person and inform him about his decision. Both of them are closely associated with each other in the ATP board. They were together trying to extend Chris Kermode’s tenure on the ATP board but eventually failed in doing so.

Justin Gimelstob
Gerard Pique, Justin Gimelstob and Novak Djokovic

“I wanted to look Novak in the eye, and the two most important things I wanted to say were first thank you and second to apologize,” Justin Gimelstob said. “Right now I need to step away and need to regroup and need to heal and need to not be the story. I should not be the story. I don’t deserve to be the story. Contrary to people’s belief in my desire to be the story, I do not want to be the story, certainly not this way.”

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To replace him, there are other contenders who are former tennis professionals and have shown interest in taking up the position. Which includes the Americans, Brad Gilbert, and Tim Mayotte.

Justin Gimelstob aspires to work with tennis in the future and looks forward to contributing something significant to the sport of tennis. “I hope that I have the opportunity in the future to contribute to the sport that I love and believe I can be an asset to once again,” he continued. “However I also appreciate that opportunity needs to be earned.

“I am committed to working on myself, dealing with the challenges in my personal life, and better equipping myself with the tools to handle the pain of losing my father and the ongoing litigation for equal custody of the most important thing in my life, my son.”

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