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Analysing the Hungarian Grand Prix

Analysing the Hungarian Grand Prix

Analysing the Hungarian Grand Prix, we¬† bring you some major talking points from the Hungarian Grand Prix, a race that’ll be remembered ever after.

  1. Vettel grabs opportunity, Raikkonen hit with bad luck

Just as Malaysia, Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel were there to pick upon the mistake from Mercedes. Having taken up the first two positions from the Silver Arrows on the start, Ferrari kept the momentum going. While Vettel was crusing ahead, Kimi started developing issues with his MGU-K. After giving his position to Ricciardo and Rosberg upon the restart after the safety car, Raikkonen had to ultimately retire his car.

Hungarian Grand Prix
Start of the race
Courtesy: autosport.com

The situation was horrible for the Finn since all those recent speculations about his career has kept him under pressure lately, and the issues with the power unit meant a good podium finish or perhaps even a win, was taken away from him. If Ferrari would have scored the 1-2 finish, this would have been there first since Germany 2010.

Vettel, for once again proved all his haters and critics wrong. He was fast. He was perfect. His start was outstanding. And he did everything to make sure, no other car was able to touch him.

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