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Analysing the Hungarian Grand Prix

Analysing the Hungarian Grand Prix

  1. Patient Red Bulls take an outstanding double podium:

No, we generally don’t use the word patient with the Red Bulls( considering their constant and heavy criticism of Renault), but their drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat did wonderfully well, patiently waiting for others to make a mistake and pouncing on them from behind.

Hungarian Grand Prix
Courtesy: gettyimages

Daniil Kvyat came out of nowhere to take the second place finish, a very well deserving. If not brilliant, he made sure that he made no mistake as such, and kept out of any trouble. When Hulkenberg’s front wing failed, Kvyat somehow steered clear of the debris, which was something appreciable.

Hungarian Grand Prix
Ricciardo and Hamilton collide Courtesy: autosport.com

Daniel Ricciardo was the man who made the race most exciting today. After coming together with Hamilton after the safety car restart, he went on to collide with Rosberg in the later stages. The last collision meant he had a broken front wing and also lost a good worthy shot at victory. He had to pit to change the damaged front wing, but still managed to cling onto the podium.

Hungarian Grand Prix
Ricciardo attacking Rosberg Courtesy: autosport.com

Ricciardo was fast and aggressive today, something we got to witness a lot last year, notably at the 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix only which he won.

“It was a crazy race,” Ricciardo said. “There was contact in Turn 1 – I thought there was a lot of damage and I thought the race was over. Then there was contact on the restart with Lewis – I thought the race was probably over – and then contact with Nico as well. But we were resilient today, I left it all on the track, I put my heart into everything and I think that’s the way Jules would have wanted it. So I owe that race to him and I’m very grateful to be on the podium.”

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