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Analysing the Hungarian Grand Prix

Analysing the Hungarian Grand Prix

  1. Double delight for McLarens:

Post every race I tend to look where the McLarens finished, just in case they managed to steal a point or so maybe. It was a bit of shock to see Alonso as high as fifth and Button in ninth, to give the British team their first double points finish of the season.

Hungarian Grand Prix
McLaren team congratulating Alonso
Courtesy: autosport.com

With Honda planning a major upgrade for Belgium, McLaren team goes into the four week summer break with a much positive mind frame. Button was visibly faster than Sainz today, after having fought with him for position, majority of the race, which are good signs for the team.  But again, Hungaroring was a track that would have supported them. F1 moves to Spa next, and then Monza, two of the fastest tracks of the gird, which might be a disaster for the team if things don’t work well in the break.

Alonso, much like the Bulls, made sure he capitalised on other’s mistakes to finish at a remarkably well fifth position, earning his team some valuable 10 points.

McLaren team might not have a competitive car, but they do have two very competitive world champions as their drivers who are willing to spring at every little opportunity that comes their way.

They still stand a lowly ninth in the Constructors tally(only above Manor), but if Honda does manage to deliver its big update, things might improve for the legendary team which currently is nothing but a backmarker in the 2015 grid, despite being the sport’s second most successful team after Ferrari.

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