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Analysing the Hungarian Grand Prix

Analysing the Hungarian Grand Prix

  1. Maldonado does a Pastor

Steward’s favourite, Pastor Maldonado, received no less than three penalties today for the 69 lap race. First he was given a drive-through when he hit Sergio Perez. Second he was given another drive through penalty, all because of over speeding in the pit lane while serving his first drive through (hence the title) and lastly a ten second time penalty for overtaking behind the safety car.

He had a terrible day, whereas his teammate was able to score good points, finishing in seventh position. He also ultimately ended Perez’s race who later developed brake issues as a result of the collision with Pastor.

The Lotus car, with its Mercedes hybrid engine has good potential but with the inconsistency of the drivers the team is not able to manage any good result. While Grosjean stepped up today, Pastor also needs to do the same.

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