Burnley vs Arsenal: Talking Points



Without doubt, the biggest talking point from the match definitely is the goal scored by Arsenal right at the end. Alexis Sanchez’s cross was flicked on by Theo Walcott and after a scramble between Oxlade-Chamberlain and Koscielny, the ball rolled over the line, clearly after making contact with the Arsenal skipper’s hand.

Ball hitting Koscielny's hand
Koscielny scored a controversial goal to hand Arsenal all 3 points

The whole Burnley side surrounded the referee pleading for a decision in their favor, but that was literally the last kick of the game and Arsenal scraped through to a narrow but a very important win.

The 3 points will come in more handy as both the Manchester sides lost points earlier in the day.

While the goal will be talked for a few days to come, many are also of the opinion that Koscielny had no chance to get his hands out of the way as he was just inches away from Oxlade-Chamberlain making contact. However the replays clearly show that Koscielny made a clear though unintentional contact with his hands and Burnley were unlucky to lose the match in such a manner after holding on for such a long time.


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