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Pickleball is a sport in which two players in singles or four players in doubles hit a hollow perforated plastic ball over a net that?s 34-inch high in the middle using solid-faced rackets or paddles. The ball will go back and forth over the course of the game until one side is not able to return the ball, or a rule is broken.

History of Pickleball

Once, a congressman called Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell, a successful businessman, went to Pritchard?s home. In the home, their family had nothing to do. They had a badminton court but not a complete set of rackets. They used ping-pong saddles with a perforated ball and started hitting it over the badminton net. The net was initially at 60 inches height which was later lowered to 36 inches height.

Slowly, the number of people playing pickleball increased among the neighbors and friends of the Pritchard and Bell family.? The United States Amateur Pickleball Association (U.S.A.P.A.) was organized to develop this sport and expand its reach in March 1984. By1990, pickle ball was played in 50 states. Finally, pickleball was played for the first time in the Arizona Senior Olympics in 2001.?

USAPA now boasts of 10,000 members first time ever in 2015. In this way, the USAPA was expanding in full swing with new members getting added each time. As of february 2023, USA Pickleball membership touched the 70,000 mark , with almost 30% rise in members since 2022.

Successful? Players of Pickleball

Ben Johns

He is the youngest pro in the list and one of the top pickleball players in the world. He picked up a racket when he was just 8. And post that he felt burnt out with tennis and drifted his eyes towards Pickleball. Since 2017 US open, he has won a gold in the Men?s singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Tyson McGuffin

Tyson was introduced to pickleball in 2015 by a friend who he played tennis with. Post that, he took up pickleball when he was a tennis coach. He then entered the Coeur d?Alene Classic and got a gold in the Men's 4.5 Singles division.