Chelsea Identify Fan who Racially Abused Sterling


The Chelsea football team have identified the man who appeared to racially abuse Raheem Sterling at Stamford Bridge on Saturday night and have passed his details onto the police.

TV footage of the game appeared to show a man in a blue top calling Sterling a ‘f****** black c***’ while other Chelsea supporters in the Matthew Harding Stand also hurled vile but apparently non-racial abuse at the Manchester City player.

Sterling was interviewed by the Metropolitan Police on Sunday morning, with Sterling confirming that he heard racial abuse from the stands. No arrests have yet been made and enquiries are continuing.

Chelsea have also been carrying out their own investigation into the incident, using TV footage from many angles obtained from broadcasters BT Sport to identify the man who allegedly racially abused Sterling.

Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling

The club are also using lip-readers to try to determine the exact words said. If found guilty if racial abuse, the fan will be banned for life.

Meanwhile, a black Chelsea fan who was stood just feet away from the man who appeared to racially abuse Sterling has spoken of his ‘disgust’ at the incident, and described being so close to the abuser as ‘scary’.

The TV footage shows Lewis not reacting to the abuse, and he said that was because he did not hear any racial abuse at the time due to the general noise of the crowd at Stamford Bridge.

‘Raheem Sterling was getting a lot of abuse from all sections. However, I have to be honest and say I didn’t hear actually any racial abuse whatsoever,’ Lewis told ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

‘A lot of people have been questioning me and my integrity as to why I didn’t get involved, why I didn’t react. But I didn’t actually hear anything racial from any section of the crowd.

‘But that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. There’s 40,000 people there shouting from all different directions, so I didn’t hear it.’

‘We all knew it was on TV because the camera was in front of us,’ he said. ‘People were getting texts through and messages through showing we were on TV, and they found it quite funny. So they knew we were on TV and that something had happened and we’d been seen, but at that time I never knew it was of a racial nature.

‘I think it’s disgusting. I’m right there, three feet away from him and he’s got no disregard from me, Sterling either. I just thought in this day and age it had gone. Luckily I’ve not experienced racism in my life so to see that happen on TV just a few feet away from me is quite scary.’

Sterling has told police he was aware of being racially abused at Stamford Bridge. He was interviewed by members of the Metropolitan Police on Sunday, who travelled north as part of their investigation into an incident during the Premier League match.


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