West Ham are an entirely different side with Payet on the field

There is absolutely no doubt that West Ham United’s star man is their Frenchman Dimitri Payet. He caught everyone’s eye last season with his impressive skills on the ball and with his unmatched brilliance from deadball situations. And it was an expected thing that West Ham will need their superstar to step up this season as well. Keeping hold of Payet was Bilic’s big challenge and Westham have done that well so far. Payet didnt start the game as he joined the team late after an exhausting Euro competition. But Bilic was forced to use Payet in the second half and his arrival certainly changed the way Westham United played. Though he didn’t have a goal or an assist to show for yesterday, Payet certainly injected a much needed dose of creativity and positive style to the Hammers’ game. Andy Carrol found himself isolated for most parts of the game up the field, but the arrival of Payet certainly gave him much more service and deliveries to make an impact. And this positive vibe came in handy as West Ham equalised completely against the run of play even without being much of a threat throughout the game.

The Hammers ended the game with only 38% possession and most creative part of those 38 came up only after Payet was introduced in the 67th minute by Bilic.


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