Clubs with most wins in Europe’s top five leagues

March 21, 2017 12:45 am

The Barclays Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, these are the most popular and most watched domestic football leagues which are played in England, Spain, Germany, France and Italy respectively. There are clubs in these leagues who have enthralled football audiences for decades. Amongst these clubs, there are a handful of clubs who have garnered support like few others, courtesy of the kind of footballing legacies they have established. They have won matches and trophies in such numbers that hardly any other club has been able to topple them from the helm of footballing glory in their country. Here’s a look at the clubs who have recorded most number of wins and reigned supreme in Europe’s top five leagues:

Ligue 1:

Olympique Marseille are the club with most wins in Ligue 1

The top division of French football, Ligue 1 has been in place since 1932, and includes 19 teams from France and one from Monaco(AS Monaco). It is the fifth best European football league as per UEFA’s league coefficient (which is based on the performance of the clubs of a particular league in the Champions League and Europa League). Though dominated by Paris Saint-Germain in recent years after the club’s ownership was taken over by the Qatar Investment  Authority under the presidency of Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the team that has won the most matches in Ligue 1 is Olympique Marseille. The 9-time Ligue 1 champions have  won 1052 of the 2390 matches they have played in the French top flight, 34 more than the next best team, Girondins Bordeaux(1018 wins).

Serie A:

Juventus are the club with most number of wins in Serie A

Italy’s top flight league, Serie A, has been operating for about eighty years since 1929. Currently the fourth best European football league according to UEFA’s league coefficient, the Serie A was the most popular league in the world in the late 20th century due to the galaxy of superstars at clubs like Juventus, AC Milan, Internazionale and SSC Napoli. The team with most number of wins in Serie A is Juventus. The 32-time Italian Champions have won 1542 of the 2843 matches that they have played in Italian top flight, 116 more than Inter Milan, who have won 1426 matches, who are just below them in terms of number of wins.

The Premier League:

Manchester United are the club with most number of wins in the Premier League

The top flight of English football, which was renamed as the The Premier League in 1992, is the most popular, the most watched and the most commercial football league in the world (It is  broadcasted in 212 territories to 643 million homes and a potential TV audience of 4.7 billion people). It also has the second-highest average attendance of 36,000 across its stadiums. The Premier League is the third-best football league in Europe, as determined by UEFA according to its league coefficient. The club with most number of wins in the Premier is Manchester United, the most successful club in England. The 20-time English champions have won 600 of the 901 games that they have played in the Premier League (the first side to do so), 82 more than second best Arsenal, who have won 518.


Bayern Munich have won the most number of matches in the Bundesliga

Bundesliga, Germany’s top division in football, was founded fifty-four years ago in 1963. Known for having arguably the most passionate fans in the world (stadiums of clubs playing in the Bundesliga have the highest average attendance, 43500, in world football), the Bundesliga is ranked second among the European football leagues by UEFA. The club which has won the most number of matches in the Bundesliga is the club which has won it the most number of times, Bayern Munich. The 25-time German champions have won 1032 of the 1756 matches that they played in German top flight, way more than the next club in the table of most wins (Werder Bremen, who have won 752 matches are second).

La Liga:

Real Madrid have won the most number of matches in La Liga

La Liga, which is formally known as the Primera División, is the highest level in Spanish football. Originating in 1929, La Liga rivals the Premier League in terms of popularity in modern football, due to two of the biggest clubs on the planet, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, playing in it. La Liga is, presently, the top ranked league among all European leagues, according to UEFA’s league coefficient. Real Madrid, widely considered as the most successful football in the world, has  won the most number of matches in La Liga. Out of the 2724 matches that they have played in Spain’s top flight, the 32-time Spanish Champions have won 1618, 65 more than their arch-nemesis FC Barcelona(1553), who have won the second highest number of matches.



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