2. Harry Redknapp

There are some people who believe that good old Harry Redknapp is the greatest football manager England never had.

Regarding his financial trial, he goes out of his way to emphasize that he has no idea how to manage money, at one point writing “when a bill comes in that I might not like, Sandra probably pays it, then tears it up. What Harry doesn’t know won’t hurt him – that seems to be the policy”.

The England national team job controversy was a muddled attempted to maintain this image of good old ‘Arry. He explained that he was very happy with Spurs (his public line) and that he did not want the England job. Then he mused out loud whether he could have even gotten the job (“no disrespect to Roy [Hodgson], but I think we can all see that he is more of an FA man”) because of the type of manager they were looking to hire – upper-class stereotypical early 1990s soccer star.


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