3. Ashley Cole

In 2006, Ashley Cole released My Defence—an autobiography with a pun title that seemed to suggest he had a chip on his shoulder about his maligned public persona.

Ashley Cole’s decision to move to Chelsea from London rivals Arsenal in 2006 was one of the most controversial transfers of the Premier League era.The rushed deal on the final day of the summer transfer window marked the final decline in the relationship between Cole and the club he began his career at, and the publication of his autobiography a few months later ensured that his legacy was forever tarnished.

Here is the extract from the controversial book:

Tapping up takes place in football. And if it is not blatant tapping up, it’s a diluted, more subtle form of the same thing.

It was as if someone had flicked on the floodlights at a darkened Highbury and enlightened the Board.

No, I’m unhappy but it’s a long story,” I told him. He asked if it was because of Arsène Wenger. I told him it wasn’t; the boss was brilliant, I had a very good relationship with him and my unhappiness was with other people. I could tell he was itching to ask more, but, at that point, Jonathan stood up and said: “We had better be going. Gentlemen, it’s been a pleasure.”


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