PSL 2020 Needs To Have a Proper Closure Says Mushtaq Ahmed

By 8 months ago

Pakistan Super League 2020 (PSL 2020) is suffering the consequences of the Coronavirus outbreak. Therefore, the event came together a grinding halt mid-season.

PSL 2020 was the step towards bringing international cricket back to Pakistan

PSL 2020 is the season that was going to happen completely in Pakistan. This was a huge step for the Pakistan Cricket Board. Players from across the globe participated in this event. Now, even though the event did commence, it never reached a conclusion.

So, as of now, Mushtaq Ahmed took to Twitter to express how the PSL 2020 committee should make a decision. He says that the committee needs to get together, take the points into account, and reach a conclusion. This is the only way the tournament will receive the proper closure.

“The PSL five has to have a proper closure and that can be done by taking into count the top team on the points table at the end of the league stage and declaring them winners.”

Wasim Khan plans to reschedule the remaining games

The CEO of Pakistan Cricket Board, Wasim Khan, said that the remaining games will be commence at a later date. However, Mushtaq Ahmed is of the opinion that this will not be possible since all players might not be available.

“It is not easy to just regroup for four to five matches and get the momentum going like it was in the PSL five.”

Speculations are that even before the tournament was called off due to the outbreak, player Alex Hales was already infected. However, the PCB tried hard to ensure the name of the player is not revealed. Unfortunately, Alex James’s name came out in the open. The announcement was that the Alex Hales had already left the tournament before being diagnosed with COVID-19.

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As of now, there is no saying what the future of the remaining games of PSL 2020 will be like. Currently, all the nations are trying to battle the spread of Coronavirus. Only time will tell what the PCB’s decision is.

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