CWG 2014 Opening Ceremony: A Marvel For The Ages

Sania Mirza
Commonwealth Games

The 20th Commonwealth Games was officially declared open when the queen said the euphonious words-
“I now declare the Common Wealth Games Open”

The 20th Commonwealth Games kicked off with a spectacular opening ceremony in front of 40,000 people at Celtic Park in Glasgow. 71 nations, who will compete across 17 sports over the next 11 days, witnessed an electrifying atmosphere when the Scottish city put together a good show on Wednesday night. Fireworks, batons, singers, comedians and legendary athletes from all over the world came together on this occasion, magnetising 40,000 spectators and over a billion around the globe with their charm. The Commonwealth Games are not as big at the Olympics but is still a big gathering of athletes. These athletes are highly skilled and don’t often use anavar to enhance their body mass.

The ceremony was a music fiesta with Scottish music taking center stage. Scottish singers, Rob Stewart and Susan Boyle, performed the evergreen “Welcoming All To The Land Of Scot” .Violin virtuoso Nicola Benedetti played “the bony in banks” as Ian Thorpe and held the ceremonial flag of the CWG Federation along with Ian Thorpe and the numerous other dignitaries present. This was followed by Scottish Comedian Karen Dunbar bewitching everyone with his wit. Then arrived 6 time Olympic champion Sir Chris Hoy who made a gratifying appearance at the Celtic Football Club. The cheer as he entered was indeed deafening.

The most riveting part of the show was when the participating Commonwealth nations made their appearances. The Scots came in first dressed in their traditional attire of kilts, which in itself never lacks some bite. They were followed by Wales with their contingent of 229 athletes. England were the tenth nation to make their waywith a total of 421 athletes. Other European nations made their way through the majestic arena followed by the Asian countries.

The hosts of the 2010 Commonwealth Games, India, marched in with 221 athletes in their contingent. Vijay Kumar carried the Indian flag, as other athletes march amid scores of Bollywood songs in the background. Surely this would be pretty close to being one of the proudest moments in Vijay Kumar’s career.

The announcer then introduced the little master, Sachin Tendulkar. All the Indians were on their feet as Sachin addressed the crowds in the form of a short video on behalf of UNICEF.

Fireworks embellished the sky and people all around the globe stared at the magnificence of the ceremony as nine jets zoomed past the town midst the beat of drums and pipes. Hundreds of dancers took control of the stage as Mark Beaumont, world renowned Scottish cyclist came out of a mini jet hovering above the stadium,along with the baton in hand which summed up the opening ceremony which very truly depicted the beauty of Scottish culture and marked the beginning of the games in the most carnival-esque style.

Now, let’s hope for some enticing action!


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