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MS Dhoni caught on the Stump Mic!

MS Dhoni caught on the Stump Mic!

2. Yeh dheere nahi khelta!

This one is from the 2015 World Cup encounter between India and Ireland, which was won by India comfortably with 8 wickets in hand. With the stands mostly empty, Dhoni’s remarks were quite audible on the Stump Mic, and this one really shows his insight into the game.

Ed Joyce was on strike and had faced just seven deliveries so far. He had scored a century in Ireland’s last game and with the score at 91/1, it was essential to get him out as soon as possible in order to stop Ireland from accelerating.

Suresh Raina was the bowler and fired in a quicker delivery first up, which was fielded by Ajinkya Rahane in the covers. Dhoni then shouted to Rahane, Halka peeche reh sakta hai Jinx, ye dheere nahi khelta.” With these words, he was telling Rahane (Jinx) that Ed Joyce will look to go hard at the ball and won’t take a quick single, and so he should stay back while fielding.

Next delivery, Raina bowled it a little slower in the air, and aimed it at the stumps. And then? Joyce tried to cut the ball, missed and saw the ball hit the top of middle stump.

Here’s an audio clip for the same, courtesy of Prateek Sinha.

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