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MS Dhoni caught on the Stump Mic!

MS Dhoni caught on the Stump Mic!

4. “Agar chauka gaya to mera risk hai, tu bindaas daal!”

India had a torrid tour of Australia in 2014-15, and the Indian bowlers had a real hard time bowling out the Aussie team and especially Steve Smith. It is in such situations that the bowlers need their Captain’s support the most, and MSD showed his faith in Ishant Sharma with his words.

Ishant was having serious problems and was pitching the ball short and wide. Dhoni observed this and came up to Ishant and said, “Agar chauka gaya to mera risk hai, tu bindaas daal.Tujhe agar ek fielder aur chahiye to mai bula lunga. Mujhe koi problem nahi hai.” This means that he reassured Ishant that he should bowl whatever he feels is best and not worry about conceding runs. He says that if the ball goes to the boundary, it is his – the captain’s responsibility and if he needs an extra fielder, he will provide him with that too!

Just what you need from your Captain! Ishant bowled a blinder of a delivery on the very next ball. Even though he didn’t pick up a wicket, it shows how words of reassurance from a captain can do wonders for his bowlers.

Image Courtesy – StarSports.com
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