3. Verstappen and Ricciardo retirements

Another painful and disappointing thing to see this year was watching the Red Bull boys coming to a grinding halt on numerous occasions. From challenging the mighty Mercedes on Sundays in late 2016 to barely seeing both its cars cross the finishing line in 2017, it was Formula 1 disappointing moment for the whole season long.

The first half of the season saw Verstappen retiring from races one after another due to engine issues was damning. What compounded the fact was that he was running in the top when those failures happened. At other times he was a victim of first turn disasters, not because of his own doing but rather because of overzealous attempts of others. Be it Spa or Singapore, a lot of times we were robbed of the masterclass that Verstappen is.

The other garage of Red Bull did not have things easy for him either. While Ricciardo enjoyed a good spell in the middle of the season, he did not have a lack of bad moments either. To put things into perspective, Ricciardo’s season started with a DNF in Australia and ended with a DNF in Abu Dhabi. And in between, he suffered a spate of reliability issues that more often than not send him to the back of the grid.

Watching either of the two retire race after race was one of the most disappointing Formula 1 moments of the 2017 season.

Formula 1 disappointing moments


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