6. Renault-Toro Rosso feud

Coming to the end of the season, the works Renault team and Toro Rosso were embroiled in a fight for P6 on the constructor’s table. On line was an increased earning of 6.5 million USD. While Renault has been taking hits by its engine failing for all the three teams, Toro Rosso was suffering double the engine related issues than any other team.

When Toro Rosso suffered engine issues on both its cars on Friday in Brazil, Abiteboul commented that the issues were down to how the Italian team was using the engines their cars.

This incensed the feisty Franz Tost who on next day released a press statement indicating that the engine troubles could be Renaut’s was of leaping ahead of Toro Rosso in the points table.

Taking this comment as against to the integrity of Renault, the two parties were engaged in a battle off the track. Rumors even made rounds that perhaps Renault will take the engines back from Toro Rosso for the last two races.

The senior Red Bull team was dragged into the whole issue and only after Helmut Marko and Christian Horner played peacekeeper between the two, the issue was resolved.

What’s disappointing was to see these two players fighting like children. And hence this feud is yet another addition to the most disappointing Formula 1 moments of the 2017 season.


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