Most Disappointing Formula 1 Moments of the season


6. Treatment meted out to Kvyat

Russian driver Daniil Kvyat is out of Formula 1. He may have been pushed out of the sport this year but the foundation was laid down in 2016 itself. Despite scoring podiums for the team in 2015 as well as 2016, the Russian was removed from the A team and demoted to Toro Rosso to make way for Max Verstappen. The move was said to have broken the teenager psychologically. Maybe perhaps Kvyat never recovered from this heartbreak.

What’s worst is that at the start of this year, he was promised to be retained for the next year. But Pierre Gasly was waiting in the wings and by mid-season, rumours became rife that he’ll be shown the way out.

In the Malaysian Grand Prix, he was ruthlessly benched and Gasly was given the chance. Even past Red Bull Young driver programme member, Brendon Hartley was called in. Kvyat was unceremoniously dropped from the team without a proper send-off.

The treatment meted out to Kvyat shows how harsh the Red Bull world can be. It shows how drivers too can have disappointing Formula 1 moments.


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