Most Disappointing Formula 1 Moments of the season


4. Hamilton asking Bottas to help him in Baku

While Baku may be remembered for a much bigger incident, one of Hamilton’s act was no less disappointing. Leading the race from lights out and surviving a clash with Vettel, bad luck struck for him. The Mercedes headrest came undone and the Brit was forced to pit to change it or face a black flag.

This dropped him behind the Ferrari of Vettel and Hamilton couldn’t find a way past the Ferrari.

Dejected Hamilton suggested and later asked his team to use Bottas who was ahead of the two. He asked his team to ask Bottas to slow down and in turn push Vettel into the clutches of the other Mercedes.

Fortunately, the team did not oblige for Bottas was engaged in his own battle for P2 with Stroll. But it was disappointing to hear Hamilton ask for something like this from his team and his teammate. This is why it makes it on our list of disappointing Formula 1 moments.


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