3. Baku incident

Not 12 months had elapsed since Vettel went on an expletive-laden rant against Charlie Withing in Mexico.

Everyone figured that Vettel would be a more well-behaved boy after it. And he was that is until Baku.

Tailing the Mercedes of Hamilton behind the safety car, the duo made contact which resulted in Vettel losing a portion of his front wing. In a moment of red mist and anger, and under the assumption that Hamilton had brake tested him, the German drew parallel and banged wheels with his rivals.

The whole incident made a great viewing experience on TV and a field day for Journalists. It was in equal parts a very disappointing thing to see.

Whats more disappointing is the fact that the stewards waited to give a penalty until it became a necessity due to Hamilton’s woes. The cherry on the top is that the FIA let Vettel go scot free in lieu of a public apology. Now I’m not saying that he should have been barred from the race. But at least some sort of penalty (even monetary) should have been imposed on the German.

To see him go without any penalty was definitely of the most disappointing Formula 1 moments of the season.


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