Does Vaping Affect an Athlete’s Sports Performance


There is an opinion that vaping is either not so harmful to a person due to the absence of heavy nicotine gums in the smoking product, or is harmless at all. Someone even argues that vaping is useful: after all, this is akin to inhalation with drugs. But how does it affect sports?

However, for starters, it is worth considering the general effect of inhaling “e-smoke” into the lungs. And the phrase “electronic smoke” here, of course, is not without reason put in quotes. Even though electronic cigarettes, the smoke from them, is the most real.

Of course, the best vape mods (check do not contain the entire vibrant bouquet of resins and carcinogens that hit tobacco smokers. But the chemical processes of decomposition of those substances that are included in evaporators, also contribute to the selection of products that are not very useful for humans:

the same acroleins — scientifically proven — can lead to mutations of cells within any living organism;

formaldehyde – act in the same way as acroleins, but plus they all harm the human immune and nervous systems;

We must not forget about the temperature difference that occurs in the mouth during inhalation of hot steam. This will inevitably lead to cracking of the tooth enamel.


As for the sport itself, then, as already noted, due to the irritating effects of acroleins on the mucous membranes, over time there will be a decrease in the elasticity of the lung tissue; therefore, vital lung volume will decrease.

And regular vaping is far from reflected in the narrowing of the vessels. As a result, the muscles will not receive the proper flow of oxygen and nutrients. Although using the best vape mod is not as destructive as tobacco smoking, it will undoubtedly not affect the sports results in the best way.

The results of a study by the Institute of Cardiology showed that users of electronic cigarettes and tobacco heating systems do not harm their bodies so much and do physical exercises more efficiently – compared to smokers of regular cigarettes.

Today, the number of athletes who are not indifferent to the “nicotine sticks” has severely increased; this is confirmed by numerical statistics. Interest in nicotine is shown not just by sportsmen-beginners, but by outstanding individuals in the history of sports.

To find out what is the reason for such a high interest in nicotine products, the journalists of the French newspaper “L’Equipe” conducted a whole investigation. Many people know that WADA (The World Anti-Doping Agency) strictly controls the use of nicotine, like, for example, caffeine. But the list of prohibited substances approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency in January 2016 (created by the International Olympic Committee to control the use of narcotic drugs in the sport), nicotine is not listed. And if we add to this the fact that many athletes are confident that nicotine is an excellent stimulant (if used in large doses), it becomes clear why it is so popular. Especially when it became possible to use box mod vape. But it is necessary to understand from a scientific point of view, is nicotine – is it doping, or not?

Journalist Andreas Chazy, who was researching this issue, claims that athletes can smoke, but they never do it during competitions. Only before or after! Because sport is a healthy lifestyle, and athletes are role models! You will not see a football player on the field with a cigarette in his hand, or a runner on a treadmill with alcohol, because this is a violation of sports ethics.

Dr. Jean-Jacques Menuet says that nicotine boosts adrenaline impulses, and this is an advantage for some time. But you have to pay for it with health because the metabolism is disturbed, the heart rate, blood pressure, and the risk of cancer increase.

According to studies, the number of smoking athletes increased from 19 to 55.6%. The use of active nicotine is widespread in such sports: ice hockey, gymnastics, wrestling, biathlon, basketball, football, American football, rugby, bobsleigh, skating, skiing, and volleyball.

With the advent of vape mods, athletes can control the amount of nicotine in a pair, which makes vape products even more popular. This leads to fears that it may become convenient doping if you use electronic cigarettes before the competition. In addition, in social networks and the press often appear compromising athletes photos. All this became a catalyst for the study because it is necessary to establish acceptable measures. Indeed, without this, it will be difficult to evaluate any competition fairly.

The heart of a smoker per day makes an average of 15 thousand more cuts than the heart of a non-smoker. And if you add here the number of wounds caused by hard training? So imagine how much faster the heart of an athlete smoker wears out.


In theory, sport should not be combined with smoking in principle, since during exercise, smoked lungs supply the body with nicotine much more intensively. Nevertheless, the ranks of athletes, smokers do not thin. Such “two-faced” fans can only give a few useful tips:

– Try not to use mod vape a few hours before any physical activity – be it a hard workout or an evening jog. Otherwise, the body can go into failure, unable to withstand the load.

– Also, do not smoke after an hour after training – it is at this time that nicotine is absorbed by your body most quickly.

– It is better for smokers to prefer such sports where endurance is essential. The best thing is to start running long crosses. By the way, this can be done at any acceptable pace: a couple of kilometers will properly ventilate your lungs.

– To strengthen the shaky cardiovascular system of an inveterate smoker, martial arts will help – they do not burden the heart as much as simulators and iron, implicitly developing endurance again.

– Another “delicious” cigarette – drag on, having a substantial lunch, isn’t it? So, it is better to refuse this: after all, good food for an athlete is the primary source of energy. Having smoked right after eating, you force the body to absorb nicotine to the detriment of vitamins. Also, smokers often have a terrible appetite – so smoking before meals is also not worth it.

Of course, these tips will not make you a healthy champion, beating all records in the gym. But at least you will be able to reduce several times the harm done to your body by a cigarette while continuing to do what he likes.