2. Time for some much-needed irony as Real Madrid was founded by two Catalans – Juan and Carlos Padrós! Now that’s got to burn some Madridista hats. Real Madrid’s first official president was Juan Padros Rubio, born and brought up in Barcelona who happened to be a Catalonian took over the RM office on 6th March, 1902. He resided over the office for two years until his brother, Carlos took over in 1904. That’s some brotherly love right there. In 1905, Real Madrid (then, Madrid FC) won its first title after defeating Athletic Bilbao in the Spanish Cup final. The club became one of the founding sides of the Royal Spanish Football Federation on 4 January 1909, when club president Adolfo Meléndez settled for the conditions of the Spanish FA and signed the foundation agreement . In 1920, the club’s name was changed to Real Madrid after King Alfonso XIII granted the title of Real (Royal) to the club.



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