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Red Bull F1 Fires Warning to Ferrari: We Will Protest If Engine Is Illegal

Red Bull F1 Fires Warning to Ferrari: We Will Protest If Engine Is Illegal

After the mid-year break a year ago in Formula 1, it was for the most part around a certain something: the ‘illicit’ Ferrari motor. The remarkable speed on the straight, where the Ferrari some of the time ran in excess of ten kilometers for every hour quicker than the challenge, caused a great deal of doubt. Red Bull F1 was quite vocal regarding the event.

Different teams straightforwardly communicated their questions about the lawfulness and suspected that Ferrari applied a stunt. Also, the sign from the fuel stream sensor would be upset, making more fuel than allowed to be infused. Along these lines, the Ferrari flew over the straight during the capabilities and critical minutes during the race.

Following the perils of the Ferrari motor, which crested during the GP weekend in the United States in 2019, Helmut Marko has unmistakably expressed that in 2020 Red Bull F1 won’t spare a moment to document a dissent if doubts somehow managed to be raised again around the Ferrari power source.

Red Bull F1 on the Ferrari Engine

Helmut Marko is still convinced that there were issues at Ferrari that did not fall within the gray area. “The increase in performance was huge,” Marko said.

It was always during certain laps. But I assume that this season is no longer an issue, As soon as we suspect irregularities, we will immediately protest,” warns Marko.

Ferrari denied that it changed anything about the operation of the engine. Even though its major engine advantage appeared to diminish.

Red Bull F1 reacted rather rhetorically. “This is what you get when you stop cheating,” said Verstappen after the US Grand Prix.

Significantly after the finish of the season, Red Bull F1 was as yet irritated that the Scuderia in Abu Dhabi was not given a harsher discipline. It was about the measure of fuel in Charles Leclerc’s tank. In the end, only a fine of $50,000 was imposed. Charles Leclerc was allowed to keep third place in Abu Dhabi.

Red Bull F1 team principal Christain Horner believes the FIA is not equipped with the competent team. “I don’t think the FIA ​​has the expertise that the teams have in house. So it was very important for us to clarify its use [the fuel flow meter] for 2020 “said Horner.


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